A baroque feast from Improviso...they’re so good they have halos
— BBC Radio 3
Their style of improvisation gives a freshness to their performances, and they play with assurance and a distinctive voice which allows them to stand out in the perhaps over-crowded world of Baroque ensembles.
— Andrew Connal, Latest Brighton
The ensemble shared their speciality, and improvised three Spanish dances banned in the seventeenth century. They showed themselves to be capable of surprises, sweet caresses, or virtuosic rhythms
— Emmanuel Deroeux, BaroquiadeS (translated)
As individuals they are highly skilled musicians and these skills are clearly visible and transferred when they play as an ensemble. I know that they get on very well together outside of the rehearsal room and off stage. Wonderfully, these friendships transfer when they are on stage and they offer a feeling of camaraderie that makes you want to join them!
— Esther Sheridan, Wigmore Hall Learning
As well as impressive and well-balanced playing, I particularly liked the interaction between the players
— Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews +
Your approach, improvising music from a formal structure, brings a wonderful liveliness to the performance. Interesting, shifting, dynamic - lovely.
— Rachel Constable, St Michael-at-the-Northgate
Both UK ensembles showed why they deserved their places in the semi-finals [of the van Wassenaer International competition]...alongside their other recent successes on international platforms, Improviso especially convinced me with their attention for musical details and the warm sound they produced in their ensemble blend in François Couperin’s Les Nations (L’Espagnole) all without the need of searching for effects outside the musical material…two ensembles to keep an eye on!”
— Anna Stegmann, Recorder Magazine
...that Bach was played so beautifully...the best thing I’ve heard for a long time. These guys really can rock!
— listener submission, BBC Radio 3